he overall quality of experience we have created with TÜRKAY years HAN structure is one of the leading companies in the construction sector transfers. With projects undertaken in the city of Trabzon to suit architectural aesthetics, 4,000 years of history with a sense of solidity to create a new and lasting monuments of this city; Many civilizations have given new life to shape life in Trabzon with the principles of the left hand detaycılıg ever gives life to new projects.


ake Türkay member of the group, Hand Steel and Turksel TÜRKAY work in the field of large-scale housing projects HAN Building Construction come together under the name began to pursue. HAN structure as TÜRKAY purpose, quality housing, large-scale business centers, projects such as shopping centers and wellness centers focused on development.


eing a pioneer with the reliability and quality of service in the construction industry, both today and naturally the generations of the future, TÜRKAY HAN building with the vision of creating environment-friendly living spaces, premiumparktrabzo the stage 1, stage has signed on 2 and Stage 3 of the project.
Professional administrative structure, high quality standards and established the principle of never compromises customer satisfaction and in a short time many successful projects to life TÜRKAY HAN structure is prepared to sign giving directions to still construction industry with large-scale projects in the future.


s TÜRKAY HAN structure our business to focus on people’s happiness, and that happiness is to pass on to future generations